Have You Ever Done A Good Deed?

At The Samaritan House we are dedicated to helping others.

We have been serving the community in and around Las Vegas for over 48 years.
Whether you know someone in need or want to get involved yourself, we offer the hope
that is needed to make it through the tough times and to build a foundation for a better life.

Since 2000, we've had over 5,000 men come through our doors!
We are the first and oldest Halfway House in Las Vegas.
With over 40 beds, we offer housing, recovery assistance, meals, life skills, and mentorship those in need.

We accept donations of clothing and linen, electronics, vehicles, food, mentorship, monetary donations, and more.

Thank you for all you contributions. Together we can change the future, one life at a time...

The Samaritan House is a Non-Profit organization
Serving the community by providing Re-integration services, Half-way house, and recovery assistance for drug and alcohol abusers in the Las Vegas area.